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WordPress is one of the most popular and successful content management systems in the world. With over 30% of websites (that’s around 75 million!) across the globe powered and built using WordPress it has become the “go to” CMS in the industry. What most website owners do not realise is that WordPress is actually Open Source; this means it’s free to use, even for commercial purposes. Unfortunately some web developers issue clients with huge price tags to build their websites using content management systems such as WordPress, citing heavy workloads, lengthy development time, and other jargon that you are not supposed to understand as grounds to validate a massive project fee.
By hzpixel.ie

By hzpixel.ie

Don’t get caught out! We believe in helping support small businesses create a website that is both cost effective, transparent and enables our customers to manage and run their own website eliminating costly management fees. To do this, we use WordPress to lower our website fees but continue to provide a first-rate quality product and service but without the crazy price tag!

WordPress is by far the most easiest CMS (Content Management Systems) to use, learn and manage. Sporting an administrative dashboard that allows a user to simply login, at any time, to create pages, post news, photos and upload files; so say good-bye to expensive web designer fees, you’ve just become your own website manager! Oops!

WordPress has great functionality too; with thousands of plug-ins (54,000+) and themes available to you (6,000+), you can customise and style your website with a click of a button and review changes immediately. Edit and style in real-time!

WordPress gives you the freedom to become your own website manager. At hzpixel.ie we help you realise that potential and give you the tools you require to make that freedom a reality. So don’t get caught out with expensive price tags; expensive does not always mean better! Take control of your online business today and invest in a website that offers full functionality with a sensible price tag


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Let's Explore WordPress In 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1. Introducing the Dashboard

Intuitive navigation helps you manage everything! Easy peasy! 

Step 2. Posts & Pages

Easily edit and publish website pages with a click of a button! 

Step 3. The Editor

Your style, your website; use beautiful themes to achieve a fab look! 

Step 4. Widgets & Menus

Add responsive menus and interactive content, nice!

Final Thoughts – Helping You Make An Informed Decision

There is just so much you can achieve with WordPress. This amazing Content Management System knows no limitations and is the perfect platform for any website owner. Whether you run a fully fledged online web shop or simply wish to create a hobby website for sharing with friends, this CMS has you covered.

When we build a website for our customers we use WordPress. This CMS provides our customers with the facility of self-maintenance and administration of their website, on their own terms. Why not browse our web shop and discover our full range of business websites.

We believe in empowering our customers, will you be our next WordPress Manager?

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