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Website GDPR Compliance

Effective since May 25th 2018, GDPR regulations applies to any entity, including website owners, who process and collect data from people residing within the EU. This privacy law states that you must abide by the full parameters of the law whereby you process, collect or store any customer data either through the selling of your products or services, through contact forms on your website, via website tracking cookies or by the use of third party tracking codes such as Google Analytics or Ads. In-line with GDPR this data must be explicitly obtained with clear opt-in consent prior to collection, otherwise your are in direct violation of GDPR rules. Data subjects should also have the right to be forgotten and must also be able to obtain a copy of any stored data you may have collected from them. GDPR is all about accountability, transparency and ensuring that people’s rights regarding their data are fully respected.

At hzpixel, we can help ensure that any data collected through your website is GDPR compliant and adheres to explicit collection requirements. GDPR Compliance is a critical element of your website that you cannot overlook and must take very seriously, it’s the law. 

When you avail of our Website GDPR Compliance Service we can initiate our robust Consent Management Platform (CMP) where we constantly monitor the GDPR compliance of your website and proactively ensure your website and your customer data is fully protected, explicity obtained and securely stored in-line with GDPR requirements. 

Website GDPR Compliance Service

Our Website GDPR Compliance Service is available at a monthly fee on a per website basis. Let us help you ensure that you are fulfilling your data protection obligations and promoting responsible data collection practices and proceedures.

Website GDPR Compliance FAQ

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a security and privacy law which came into effective on May 25th 2018. This law applies to any entity who processes, collects or stores data relating to any resident of the EU. 

For all entities who process or collect data from people or data subjects within the EU, you must abide by the following standard regulations. A full list can be found on the GDPR website.

Your GDPR Requirements:

  • Process data securely and with full transparency
  • Collect and store data only for legitimate purposes, clearly outline at the outset
  • Provide clear data retention policies in terms of how long you will keep personal data and what happens thereafter
  • Be accountable; ensure you clearly state who your Data Controller is and Data Protection Officer
  • Respect people's rights and their data; enable data subjects to access and request their data
  • Enable data subjects the right to be forgotten

Yes. If you are processing, collecting or storing data relating to any person within the EU, then GDPR regulations applies to you.