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Welcome to hzpixel.ie! Hzpixel.ie are a website design and advertising agency based in Co. Meath, Ireland. We create professionally crafted business websites for small & medium sized businesses in Co. Meath and right across the island of Ireland. Our aim at hzpixel.ie is to continue to deliver first rate website design services in conjunction with ongoing website aftercare and support. It is often very difficult to take on a project as big as managing your own website, but with our ready made business websites we make this very easy to accomplish!
By hzpixel.ie

By hzpixel.ie

hzpixel website design meath
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Build A Website You’ll Love – Why Not Start Your Own Online Web Shop?

As standard, our business websites are created with the user in mind. Minimum effort required! We give you the tools to be self sufficient and manage all of your website design needs in-house; or if you prefer we can completely manage your website on an ongoing monthly basis. Our business websites are created using the popular and trusted CMS: WordPress, with an add-on option of a fully secure E-Commerce solution. We include a free install of the most popular payment methods such as Stripe & PayPal so that you can immediately receive secure online transactions straightaway on your web shop; peace of mind for both your customers and your business. 

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At hzpixel.ie, we always strive to deliver a website service that is simple yet cost effective. We believe in a simple straightforward approach to website design and we are sensibly priced to reflect this. 

If you would like to receive further information or have any questions, please contact us on +353 (0)85 722 1566 for a friendly straightforward chat or you can contact us using our contact form. We look forward to working with you.

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Website Aftercare, here’s why you need it! So you’ve finally launched your new website, you can edit content, create pages, launch new products, everything is going brilliant.. great! The next step is to ensure your website remains protected and in tip top condition. Wait, what does this mean? For most website owners, this is something that can catch you by surprise if you are not ready for it! 

Some new website owners may assume, that when you launch your website everything will take care of itself and run in the background without issue but unfortunately this is beyond the scope of content management…

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The Importance of a Website

Having a website opens your business up to a whole new world, an online world of over 4.4 billion users!  Imagine that? No, better still, capitalise on that. Right now other businesses are already realising this opportunity and reaping the rewards.

Right now in Ireland, 89% of SME’s report that having a website plays a key role in driving customers to their business, we can see why. In 2018, last year alone saw a huge jump in .ie domain registrations to a whopping 51,040, that’s almost 140 domain registrations a day!

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