Vinyl & Decals

About Vinyl & Decals

Vinyl - What is it & How it works

If you’re looking for a more robust sticker design, then vinyl and decals are a prefect fit. Vinyl is similar to traditional business stickers, with the exception of an adhesive backing. Traditional stickers are usually made from paper, whereas, vinyl is plastic based, with no backing sheet. Vinyl designs are affixed to transfer sheets as a temporary backing. Once you choose a location for your vinyl design, peel away the transfer sheet for a perfect finish.  

Decals - Vinyl Business Stickers

Decals are die-cut designs made from either vinyl or sticker paper. Die-cut refers to the design method used to cut out the shape of your design, for example, if you had lettering or an apple, using the die-cut method, the lettering and apple will be cut exactly as seen with no surrounding background. 

Vinyl & Decal Stickers
Vinyl - Full Range of Colours

Getting Started

To get started, here are some ideas on how we can advertise your brand on your products and packaging. We have a full range of vinyl such as Transparent/Clear and our bespoke waterproof options; Pearlescent Glossy Silver and Glossy Gold. 

For Clear, Gold & Silver vinyl, we recommend either white or black text for optimal results when apply to a high contrast background.