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Acceptance of Terms

Please read our Terms & Conditions as your continued use of our website, products & services acknowledges that you accept this agreement. If you access this website and use our products or services on behalf of a business then you must represent and warrant that you have the authorisation to accept these terms and conditions on it's behalf. If you do not agree with these terms then you are not authorised to use this website. hzpixel cannot and does not guarantee the security of information you transmit through this website and all transmissions by hzpixel and you are transmitted at your own risk.

hzpixel reserves the right to make changes to this website including our terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. When you access this website you should review these terms and conditions.

To Summarise:

When you visit our website and use our services you agree to our terms and conditions outlined below.

Terms of Use Amendments, Updates & Additions

From time to time we may amend, update or incorporate new terms to this agreement. With due notice, we will post publicly on our terms and conditions page, the date of revision. By continuing to use our products, services and website you acknowledge, confirm and accept that you are aware, understand and agree to these updated terms of use. Should you not wish to agree or accept these new or updated terms you should stop using our products, services or website as you are not authorized to avail of these products or services.

To Summarise:

When we update our terms and conditions we'll post the updated date right here on our page. Your continued use of our website, products and services signify your agreement of these terms.

Age of Consent

In order to use our website and services you must be the legal age of consent which is 16 years of age and over. If you do not meet this legal age requirement you must not visit this website or use our services unless you have strict permission from a parent and or guardian. A parent or guardian’s written statement of permission must be provided prior to use of our products and services and website. This is in line with GDPR compliance.

To Summarise:

You must be 16 years of age and over to use our website and all of our products and services. If you are not of legal age you must not use any of our products and services or visit our website.

Terms of Sale

On issuance of an invoice, the Seller, hzpixel, will sell products and services as outlined within the parameters of the Buyer's project. The Buyer, shall agree to pay, the Seller, hzpixel the aforementioned service cost as described in the issued invoice. Any disputes, amendments or queries outside of the above schema shall be mediated through appropriate channels.

To Summarise:

When an invoice is issued to you for our products and services, both parties agree to work within the scope of the project and payment must be issued in line with the invoice terms.

Payment In Advance (Pia) / Cash On Delivery (Cod) / Payable On Receipt

Upon issuance of any invoice all payments are required in advance for all products and services delivered by hzpixel

To Summarise:

An advance payment in full is due on all products and services by hzpixel

Net 7, 10, 30, 60, 90 (Payment Terms/Dates)

Upon receipt of any invoice all payment schedule dates are clearly noted and will reflect the above payment terms/dates.  Products and services are only rendered upon a successful payment transaction.

To Summarise:

Payments are due in accordance to the outlined payment schedules. Applicable to all invoices.

Recurring Payments (Hosting, Email, SSL, SEO, Website Aftercare, Advertising, Marketing, Dev Work, Printing)

For all recurring payments including subscriptions with monthly or yearly services, all payments are due in advance of their anniversary date. A reminder email or message is issued prior to renewal of services. Cancellation is managed through third-party channels such as PayPal, Stripe, or directly through support@hzpixel.ie. Failure to renew website hosting by an anniversary date will result in loss of service and deletion of all server files and websites, including email. All data is non-recoverable. 

To Summarise:

All services rendered are to be paid in full or cancelled in advance of their anniversary date. We accept no responsibility for deleted data.

Access to this Website

When you use our products, services or website you agree that when you upload, display or post any content you are indicating and claiming that you have the legal right and ownership of that content. We, hzpixel, do not take any ownership, responsibility or liability for any content you upload, post or display using any of our products, services or website. You shall be responsible for ensuring that you are not posting, sharing or uploading any copyright, trademark or unlawful material that may infringe upon the rights and entitlements of any third-party.  Though not a requirement, hzpixel will remove any content that is in breach of the above statements, without notice. Should you persist in breaching these terms, further action may be considered including denial of products, services or access to our website(s). In addition you may not:
  • republish material from this website in neither print nor digital media or documents (including republication on another website);
  • sell, rent or sub-license material from the website;
  • show any material from the website in public;
    reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise exploit material on this website for a commercial purpose;
  • edit or otherwise modify any material on the website;
  • redistribute material from this website – except for content specifically and expressly made available for redistribution; or
    republish or reproduce any part of this website through the use of iframes or screenscrapers.
  • you must not scrape, data mine, extract, harvest or “i-frame” any content or articles on this website hzpixel.ie

To Summarise:

We take copyright seriously so please do not upload or claim any artwork that does not belong to you. You must not scrape, embed or extract content from our website hzpixel.ie Should you disregard these terms the content will be removed and you will be banned from this website without notification and with immediate affect.

Prohibited Use, Your Agreement To These Terms

You agree not to engage in the following:

  • Violate any/all Laws & Rights

You will not use any of our products, services or website to engage in any illegal activity or promote illegal activity with any third-party which is in violation of all laws in any local, national, international locality or state, jurisdiction or any online setting. You will not infringe on any third-party rights, confidentiality, copyright, trademarks or intellectual property.

  • Solicit, Promote, Spam

You will not engage in any solicitation, promotion or spam of any kind. You will not contact other users in an unwelcome fashion or any other form of contact to solicit, sell, harass or spam. You will not engage or influence a third-party to spam, promote or solicit any material using any and all of hzpixel products, services and websites.

  • Interfere, Disrupt, Harm

You will not engage in any activity or conspire to disrupt the smooth running of any and all of hzpixel products, services and websites. You will not upload any malicious files or virus that will disrupt or destroy any products, services or websites that belong to hzpixel. You will not conduct yourself or enlist other parties to overburden servers services or our website to the extent where this affects overall service and user enjoyment.

  • Impersonate, Stalk, Bully, Misrepresent

You may not engage in any harassment, stalking, bully, impersonation or misrepresentation. You will not post any content that is libellous, offensive, in violation of privacy, hateful or incites hate speech. You will not post any content that is relating to a minor or any person under 18, including any identifiable information or content. You will not engage or conspire with a third party to incite illegal activity or bully any user. hzpixel reserve the right to remove any user from our services and website who does not comply with these terms, without notice. Additionally, should any user post content that is in violation of the law, in any locality, we will report this to the relevant authority including all data associated with that content.

To Summarise:

You must only use our products, services and website(s) as you only, do not impersonate anyone else. You must also be of legal age to use our services which is very important. You must also agree to abide by all laws in your area which include copyright. You must not use any of our web platforms to spam, bully or cause any harm to other users or intentionally disrupt our services.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

To the fullest extent permitted by law, hzpixel create, offer and produce services, website(s) and all associated products on an as-is basis. hzpixel make no assurances or guarantees on the afore mentioned for merchantability, fit for purpose, error-free, virus free, contains any harmful components, defects, accurate, reliable or uninterrupted service. hzpixel does not guarantee or assure that any errors, defects, faults, down-time in any and all of our services, website and associated products will be corrected, serviced, updated or patched.

To Summarise:

All products, services and our website, hzpixel.ie is provided as-is. We do not claim that any and all of our products, services or website are reliable or without defects. Whilst we will always strive to provide a quality service we can not guarantee an uninterrupted service.

Limitation Of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, hzpixel will not be liable in any regard for any legal damage, liability, loss of earnings or revenue, loss of profits, loss of any income whether direct or indirect, emotional, physical or psychological damage, pain and suffering, distress, expenses including cost of goods and services in addition to purchase of add-ons or any other item, product or service, whether with or without your knowledge or consent, accidental, incidental or punitive damages. Furthermore, to the fullest extent permitted by law, hzpixel will not be liable or responsible for any and all content that is shared, distributed, displayed or uploaded by a third-party or user for infringement, defamation, copyright, trademark or any liable whatsoever.

To Summarise:

We will not be held responsible or liable for any loss of earnings, emotional or physical or all other damage arising from the use of our products, services or website(s), with or without your consent.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless hzpixel including its staff, volunteers, employees, directors and associates from and against all claims, expenses, losses, damages and costs including legal fees, resulting directly or non-directly to you being (a) in violation of these terms, (b) the direct or indirect use of hzpixel products, services and website(s), (c) to the content you display, post, submit or upload using hzpixel.ie services or website(s). You agree to pay hzpixel all legal fees, expenses and damages associated with any action that results in direct violation of these terms and/or through any posted content on your behalf or represented by you that results in damages including all costings associated.

To Summarise:

You agree not to hold hzpixel accountable for any expenses, losses or damages, including legal fees from direct violation of our terms or indirect use of our any and all of our services or website(s).

Privacy Policy

hzpixel is committed to transparency and being responsible with the handling of all data and information we collect when you use our services and website(s).  In addition to these terms we also have a privacy policy, which is clearly displayed on all pages of our website hzpixel.ie. Please read our privacy policy thoroughly to ensure that you are aware of and understand how we collect and use data you share with us using our services and website(s). By continuing to use our services and website(s) you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and privacy policy.

To Summarise:

We have a Privacy Policy please read it so you understand what data we collect and how we use it. Our Privacy Policy is clearly visible on the footer section of each page of our website hzpixel.ie

Trademarks & Copyright

The hzpixel name, logo, icons, fonts, images, products. websites, themes and all associated works are strictly owned, created by and copyrighted by hzpixel and third-party owners unless otherwise stated. Copying, distribution or use, whether for personal or commercial use is strictly prohibited. Your acceptance of our terms of use is a direct agreement of this notice.

To Summarise:

We own our website and all content on our website is strictly copyright by hzpixel and some content is copyright by third-party owners. Your continued use of our website is direct acceptance and acknowledge of this agreement and is binding.


hzpixel reserve the right to change, modify, terminate any or all products, services or website(s) at anytime and without any particular reason or notification.  Failure to comply and adhere to these terms of use will result in direct termination of your account and access to our products, services and access to our website(s). If you do not wish to agree and comply to these terms of use you must stop using or accessing our products, services and website(s) immediately.

To Summarise:

Without notice or warning we may close our website and remove all content and services.


These terms are governed by Irish Law. In the event of a lawsuit or legal dispute resulting from the use or access of any or all products, services or website(s) you agree to bring all matters to an Irish court of law. All content posted on this website hzpixel.ie and our official social media channels is of our opinion only. The content we post is not direct advice or instruction of any kind. Should you require professional, legal or medical advice please contact the relevant professional bodies. Agreeing to these terms of use is a direct acceptance of the aforementioned.

To Summarise:

Should you wish to bring legal proceedings against hzpixel you will conduct all matters in our local jurisdiction. All content we post on our website hzpixel.ie and on our official social media channels are opinion based only. Please seek official professional help should you require it.

Terms & Conditions Update Notification

The terms and conditions herein displayed were last updated on 23rd August 2022. You should review these terms and conditions every time you access our website.

To Summarise:

We've updated our terms and conditions on the date shown.