Social Media Advertising


Social Media Advertising

Generate leads and promote brand awareness with our Social Media Advertising Service. We will advertise your business on Facebook & Instagram where you will gain full exposure of your business today.

With our Social Media Advertising Service we promote your business every month to audiences in your locality, nationwide or internationally. You can target audiences by demographic such as age, gender, interests and profession. 

When you avail of our Social Media Advertising Service we will fast-track instant connections with people who matter most to your business. We will hyper-target clients that are only part of your ad-objective to ensure that your monthly advertising budget is fully optimised and on track to reach your advertising goals.

Social Media Advertising Service

Boost your online social media profiles or create a new social presence for your business with our Social Media Advertising Service. Gain more followers, likes and brand awareness today. 

Social Media Advertising FAQ

To get started with Social Media Advertising you will need to set your monthly budget and key SMART goals. These are the core elements of your Social Media Ad; once in place, we carry out full monitoring and optimisation of your Social Media Ad throughout the month. Get in touch with us to start today.

Smart Goals are an intuitive guide or system to help you achieve and identify goals and objectives easily. We use the SMART system to ensure our clients get the most return out of their Social Media Ads each month.


  • Specify your ad budget per month & apply ad objectives
  • Measure your performance with custom ad reporting
  • Achieve results with on-going revision and assessment  
  • Realise sales within sensible forecasts with realistic goals
  • Time your ad schedule to ensure optimal ad performance

When your Social Media Ad goes live, you will have instant visibility of your advert where customers can visit your website and call your business immediately. Results are measured by impressions (these are views of your advert) and by clicks (clicks through to your website or clicks on your call button). There are many other metrics we use to measure results, all of which are compiled in a handy performance report for your review each month at no additional cost.