Google Ads


Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing

Grow your business with Google Ads! With Google Ads we can help you reach customers who are searching for products and services just like yours on Google Search right now. We can direct customers to your website or make calls to your business directly from Google Search.

Google Ads can create instant visibility for your business and with our certified expertise, we can help ensure your business stays ahead of your competition on ranking and placement on the first page of Google Search.

With over 3.5 billion searches carried out each day on Google, it has never been a better time to start promoting your business with Google Ads. We have flexible payment plans available, in addition to ongoing friendly support and advice; absolutely free.

Google Ads - Search Engine Marketing

Stay ahead of the competition with Google Ads. Drive customers to your website and get the phones ringing today. We have flexible payment plans and we are on hand to offer advice on a starting budget that will work for you.

Google Ads FAQ

To get started with Google Ads you will need to set your monthly budget and key SMART goals. These are the core elements of your Google Ad; once in place, we carry out full monitoring and optimisation of your Google Ad throughout the month. Get in touch with us to start today.

Smart Goals are an intuitive guide or system to help you achieve and identify goals and objectives easily. We use the SMART system to ensure our clients get the most return out of their Google Ads each month.


  • Specify your ad budget per month & apply ad objectives
  • Measure your performance with custom ad reporting
  • Achieve results with on-going revision and assessment  
  • Realise sales within sensible forecasts with realistic goals
  • Time your ad schedule to ensure optimal ad performance

When your Google Ad goes live, you will have instant visibility of your advert where customers can visit your website and call your business immediately. Results are measured by impressions (these are views of your advert) and by clicks (clicks through to your website or clicks on your call button). There are many other metrics we use to measure results, all of which are compiled in a handy performance report for your review each month at no additional cost.

In-line with Google's Advertising transparency efforts, all businesses must demonstrate proof of identity. This may include your registered business number in addition to supplying supporting documentation. We can submit all verification requests on your behalf.