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For new website builds, we offer one free domain of your choice at no additional cost for 1 year. 

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With our Domain Management Service we handle all registrations and renewals for you every year so you don’t have to worry about reminders or loss of service. 

Registering A .IE Website Domain

When you register your website domain as a business or company, sometimes you will be required to provide proof of your connection to Ireland (for .ie) and additional evidence to indicate that you are a business entity. For other domain extensions such as, .net or .com you only need to provide standard registrant information. We have provided a full list of requirements below.


Simply provide ONE of the following:

  • RBN/CRO number – find yours here.
  • VAT number (company registered in Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland).
  • Tax clearance certificate from Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners (or other correspondence from them showing your VAT number).

To register a website as an individual, without a business affiliation, you simply need to show a residency connection to the island of Ireland (for .ie) and evidence of your identity. Here is a full list of supporting documents.


Simply provide ONE of the following:

  • Irish Passport.
  • Irish/UK driver’s licence (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Irish/Northern Irish bank statement (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Official College ID (issued by any educational institution recognised by the Department of Education).
  • Public Services Card issued by the Department of Social Protection.

Please submit all supporting documentation, in confidence, to